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Meiji Imari – discontinued artwork, however is being reproduced and evolved into greater pieces

Arita porcelain has attracted a lot of fans for its unique beauty. Did you know that in 2016 Arita porcelain celebrates its 400th year anniversary of its origin?

Prior to the anniversary year, a project has been launched in order to reproduce Meiji Imari which is discontinued Imari porcelain in 2007. The first reproductions were the renowned pieces by the Seiji Company, which once were highly distinguished worldwide.

The Seiji Company and its traditional artisan skills disappeared after about 10 years. However, it attracted Western interest, because of its quite delicate and elegant work, and it served to decorate the banquet of the Meiji guest house, Rokumeikan, and just a few number of masterpieces remained. We can hardly imagine how difficult it is to reproduce the fortotten discontinued work at this time.

Although there were a number of difficulties, highly motivated pottery artists overcame them. They endeavored to evolve and meet new challenges. Meiji Imari achieved incomparable beauty of style, by its elegance and sophistication, which was realized by fusing Eastern and Western technique. In order to explore the profound charm of Meiji Imari, we will conduct an interview with Tetsuo Saijo who is the producer of the Meiji Imari Renaissance project, and Tetsu Matsumoto who is the executive president of the Arita Yogyo Company.


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