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Meiji Imari Renaissance

The porcelain that fascinated the world in the 19th Century

With the Japanese government encouraging export industries to promote modernization, a number of ambitious craftsmen in Hizen-Arita started the Seiji Company in 1879. As the company name, “Seiji,” stands for refinement and finesse, the craftsmen dedicated themselves to producing elaborate pieces of porcelain, winning the gold medal at the Amsterdam World Expo in 1883. By combining the highest level of traditional Japanese skill and modern western technology, they created an original style of beauty that differed from Japanese traditional porcelains such as Koimari, Kakiemon, and Nabeshima. However, the Seiji Company vanished into obscurity after ten years or so, leaving only a small number of complete works.

Tetsuo Saijo, Producer, Meiji Imari Renaissance Project
Toru Matsumoto, President Arita Seiyo Co., Ltd.

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Oct.23 (Sat.), 2010~Nov.7 (Sun.), 2010
Mon-Sat 10:00~20:00, Sun 11:30~19:30
Exhibition Venue
Kinokuniya Bookstores, New York Main Store 1073 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10018
Kinokuniya Bookstore of America /Arita Seiyo Co., Ltd./ Meiji Imari Renaissance Project.
Arita Town
Yohin-Keikaku Co.,Ltd. / Tomoshige Design Office /TSUJI Culinary Institute
Installation Design
Yasuo Ohdera (JIN Woodscaps), Architect
Hiro Odaira (Precious Pieces) , Japanese paper artist

Past exhibition and event

11/28/2006:The first of the siji company reprint was announced in the journalist.

Press release

The first of the siji company reprint was announced in the journalist.

01/31/2007: "Style beauty of Meiji Imari where Ka opened" of 《 the siji company reprint project 》

Press release / Finished announcement association

It was entitled, "Style beauty of Meiji Imari where Ka opened" of 《 the siji
company reprint project 》 in the foreigner press club, and held the press release and the finished announcement association of the reprint work.

02/17-22/2009:The work of reprinted "siji company"

Exhibition and event

The work of reprinted "siji company" was exhibited on Sunday, February 21 Saturday, February 17, 2009. There were a lot of those who came every day, and it ended of flourishing businesss very.

06/13-21/2009: "Re: the retro residential area"

Exhibition and event

exhibited to "Re: the retro residential area" by the top flower artist in the world in the Yokohama residential area West pavilion. "Meiji Imari" reprint goods were a lot and were sold by "Harmony in Sogo Stores Yokohama branch of the flower and the container" even on ? Monday, June 22 Tuesday, June 9 of a simultaneous period.

10/01/-31/2009:- THE COVER NIPPON -

Exhibition and event

The bright red teacup plate and 22 kinds of coffee that ridezained it the reprint goods of the seiji company that enchanted the world and MeijiImari were exhibited and sold to noteworthy art triangular Roppongi. (A part of work is exhibited and being sold now. )

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